How to learn English in 2024

How to learn English? How to learn to speak English? How do I learn English? If such questions have crossed your mind then today’s article is for you. Today in this blog / article we will know how to learn English easily?

Nowadays English is spoken everywhere. It can be school, college or job interview. It is now normal to speak English everywhere. And so nowadays if you don’t speak English you will face a lot of problems. Nowadays if you can speak English you will have a lot of advantage in Taole which others won’t. And so now is the best time to start learning your English. If you don’t know how to learn English language then read today’s blog completely. Below I have mentioned 21 best ways through which you can learn English very easily.

List of 21 best ways to learn English easily

As I said before learning any language you need to keep some things in mind and do some things. That way you can learn English easily. Now I will tell you how to learn English. And what are the names of the 21 best ways to learn English and how to practice them.

So let’s find out the names of the list of 21 best ways to learn English easily:

  1. Learn English with friends
  2. Watch English news
  3. Read English news
  4. Read English books
  5. Watch English Movies, Biography, Web Series
  6. Learn English on YouTube
  7. Try yourself every day
  8. Write diary in English
  9. Listen to English Music
  10. Learn English Grammar
  11. Learn Vocabulary
  12. Join the group called English
  13. Listen to English Podcast
  14. Join online English chat
  15. Use English Learning Apps
  16. Use English in everything around you
  17. Speak English with everyone in the family
  18. Get admission in coaching
  19. Practice English every night
  20. Use Google Translator to learn English
  21. Practice and practice

1. Learn English with friends

Friends, if you say how to learn English? The first way I will talk about is learning English with friends. It is a best way to learn English. If you want to speak English well then you should try this method first. If you apply this method that I told you, you will have to face some problems at first.

Eg: First you and your friends speak English very wrongly. And many people will be shy to speak English because of speaking wrongly, but if you continue to overcome all these problems, surely no one can stop you from learning English. So if you have such a friend, share this article with them and start learning English together using this method I mentioned.

Now another thing comes that we will start learning English with friends. But what to start speaking English (Start)?

The answer to this question is to start speaking English as best you can. You can start with who did what today or what you do best. The bottom line is that you have to speak English. It doesn’t matter what you say. There is no problem if you speak English wrongly at first.

2. Watch English news

An effective way to learn English is to watch English news. If you are wondering how to learn English, I would say watch English news.

If you love to watch news then definitely watch English news. Watch news in English on the topics you like to watch news on. This will make learning English very easy. Because you already have interest in the subject you like. And it is possible to learn English very easily by using it.

This will make learning English very easy. Because you already have interest in the subject you like. And it is possible to learn English very easily by using it. Many may say that watch the news on this topic. But I would say to watch the news on the topic that interests you. This will make learning English very easy for you.

3. Read English news

A little while ago I said to watch the news. Why did I talk about reading the news again now?

See if you watch the news on TV it will make your listening much stronger. But if you read the news along with watching the news, your reading will improve a lot. Which will make your English learning easier and stronger. So try to watch the news as well as read the news.

Now the question is that how to destroy? See you can read news in any way. It can be from reading newspaper to reading news from any news website on the internet. If you want to take your English learning a step further, this will help you a lot.

Remember that whatever news you read, it must be read in English. In this case you can read the news through Google News. And you can strengthen your English learning.

4. Read English books

If you can speak basic English, now I will tell you about another easy way to learn English, and that is reading English books.

The most important thing is that you will train your mouth a lot when you read English books. As a result you will be able to speak English much better than others and won’t get stuck anywhere easily. Because you are reading English books regularly. As a result, you are constantly practicing the English language. So I will tell you another way to learn English easily is to read English books. You can start learning English by reading any English book. It can be from reading business books to reading kids books.

When you read books, be careful not to read too long in the beginning. Develop the habit of reading small books in the beginning. Once you get used to it, you can read big books from then on. See how much better your mind feels when you finish reading an entire book.

5. Watch English Movies

Another best way to learn English is to watch English movies, web series. It is a very effective method.

There are many of us who love watching movies. I will tell them to start watching English movies from today. If you are in the habit of watching English movies dubbed in Bengali or Hindi then quit that habit from today. From now you can watch English movies in English language. It means don’t watch any dubbed movies.

You can learn English very easily and effortlessly when you watch movies or web series in English. Because you are not doing anything but watching. And in watching this you understand what they are saying and what it means. So you can definitely watch English movies, Biography, Web series to learn English from today.

6. Learn English through YouTube

Nowadays YouTube has become a very popular medium among us. And due to its popularity, people can now learn many things at home.

Millions of people are making money from home through YouTube channels. Similarly, millions of people are doing and learning a lot by knowing how to build their career on YouTube. And so if you want to learn English then you can definitely help YouTube.

In this case, you don’t have to do much, just go to YouTube and search “How to learn English?” Or “the easy way to learn English” then thousands of videos will appear in front of you where how to learn English? It has been taught. So if you want to learn English, you must use YouTube. And subscribe to the channel that teaches good English.


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